TEMP08 Serial One Wire Interface
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A Serial 1-Wire Interface

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This project builds on the success of it's predecessor, TEMP05.  TEMP08 retains many of the previous features of the TEMP05, and adds some extras.

Features of the TEMP08 include;

  • Standard RS232 serial interface between the Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire bus and a host PC

  • Provides real-time relief for the host PC by removing the burden of providing the precision timing required by the 1-Wire bus

  • Support for the following 1-Wire environmental sensors;

    • DS18S20, DS18S20-PAR, DS1822, DS18B20 and DS1920 temperature sensors

    • DS2438 based Humidity Sensors

    • DS2423 based Lightning counters and General Purpose counters such as Hobby Boards Dual Counter

    • DS2423 based Rain Gauges

    • DS2450 Voltage Sensors

    • AAG 1-Weather Station (OWWS) for wind speed, wind direction and outdoor temperature

    • Bray/Jennings DS2438 based Barometer

    • Dallas/Maxim iButtons (for security applications)

    • Midon 1-Wire 4 Relay Output (1WIO) or Hobby Boards 8 Relay Output

    • Midon 1-Wire Humidity Sensor MD3020E and Hobby Boards 1-Wire Humidity Sensor

    • Midon 1-Wire LED Displays (1WIO)

  • Easy option programming (Set and Forget) - NO option jumpers required.

  • Capability to interface up to 60 different sensors

  • On-board DS2438 temperature sensor (Not available with MD2104S version)

  • Easily integrates into HomeSeer software -  see this page.

  • Supported by thermd Thermometer Daemon freeware for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac, which provides graphing and other capabilities.

For a 1-Wire interface to input/output sensors, DS2405, DS2406 or DS2407, please see our companion 1WSwitch product.

New Features

  • Optional on-board humidity sensor

  • On-board analog voltage input via DS2438 (Not available with MD2104S version)

  • Connectivity to 1-Wire bus via either terminal strip or RJ-12 connector

  • Discrete commands for setting all parameters

  • Real Time Clock for displaying time of day with results of sensor polls

  • PCB Size fits into an optional PacTec CM5-125 case

Here is what TEMP08 looks like:

TEMP08 Shown without OPTIONAL Case and Panel

TEMP08 Shown with OPTIONAL Case and Front Panel

Connector Definitions

  • J1 Power Input connection.  12 to 16 Volts AC or DC required.  DC input is polarity compensated - no need to worry about a mis-wire.

  • J2 USB powering connection - if used instead of J1, 12 volt will not be available on J3.

  • J3 1-Wire and external interface.  Analog In, +12V, +5V, GND and DQ provided.

  • J4 Serial Interface connector.  Standard DB-9 female connection.

  • J5 RJ-12 interface for 1-Wire bus.  +12V, +5V, GND and DQ provided.

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