1WSwitch Serial Interface
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Introduction Download the Instruction Manual Here

A Serial 1-Wire Switch Interface

Please note that 1WSwitch is now discontinued. This information is provided for reference only.

1WSwitch is a stand-alone 1-Wire interface providing standard serial commands to control the Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire bus and some specific devices used on it.  Sensors are continuously monitored and state changes flagged as they occur.  The sensors are also polled on a regular basis (from 1 to 99 minutes), or manually interrogated, and the current state is displayed at that time.

In a typical application, 1WSwitch is connected to a serial port on a PC.  Serial interface software is then used to gather the data received from 1WSwitch and process it.  Users have interfaced 1WSwitch into the HomeSeer product, which can be used to automate lights, HVAC, sprinklers, and other devices, based on the sensor readings from 1WSwitch.

The 1WSwitch provides a serial interface for the following 1-Wire devices:

  • Multiple DS2438-based Voltage Sensors
  • Multiple DS2405 input/output sensors
  • Multiple DS2406 (or DS2407) input/output sensors
  • Up to 20 1WIO relay interface modules (or equivalent DS2408 based relay module) available from Midon Design
  • Up to 10 1WIO LED modules (available from Midon Design)
  • One 1WIO Input module (available from Midon Design)

1WSwitch has the following features:

  • Real-time display of state changes for DS2405, DS2406 or DS2407 sensors
  • On-board voltage sensor.
  • Jumper-less provisioning - all configuration settings are stored in non-volatile memory
  • Up to 60 1-Wire are sensors supported
  • Simple instruction set with a Help prompt for recalling command names
  • Easy to delete sensors, if they are no longer required, using the DEL command
  • 1-Wire bus errors are flagged when they occur
  • Continuous poll for ALL sensors - 1WSwitch will notify you when any sensor is connected or disconnected, providing that they have been previously registered by 1WSwitch via the INI command.  Very useful for locating intermittent 1-Wire bus problems or for real-time polling of contact sensors.
  • Manual Poll of sensor readings.  While 1WSwitch is normally used for continuous (from 1 to 99 minute intervals) polling of sensor readings, it can also be used manually to take sensor readings on command from the serial interface.


Here is what 1WSwitch looks like:

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