TEMP05 Introduction
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NOTE: TEMP05 ceased production on June 30, 2003.  It has been replaced by the TEMP08.  The information on these web pages is provided for historical users of TEMP05.

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A 1-Wire Serial Interface


Version H PCB


Note: 1-Wire is a registered Trademark of Dallas Semiconductor

The TEMP05 was originally developed by Midon Design to be a serial logging interface between the Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim 1-Wire bus and a host PC.  It was set up to log temperatures from the Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Weather Station and up to 20 additional DS18S20 1-Wire Thermometers. It has since evolved to also read multiple Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Rain Gauges, 1-Wire Barometers, 1-Wire Humidity Sensors, and other 1-Wire devices, up to 60 in total.  The TEMP05 can be configured to send records of sensor readings  through the serial port every 1 to 99 minutes. This setting is adjustable in 1 minute increments. The temperatures can be sent in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, however with current software, the wind speed is only available in Miles Per Hour.  A sample output string is shown in Figure 2.

The TEMP05 has an optional connector (J3) for an extension to a relay board, also available from Midon Design. The software is capable of actuating up to eight relays connected via the J3 extension.  A separate kit is available for the relay interface, or you can "roll your own" fairly simply.

In my application (see Figure 1), the TEMP05 is connected to a PC running HomeSeer, a home automation package available from HomeSeer Technologies. Through the built-in scripting capabilities of HomeSeer, logged temperatures, wind speed and wind direction are stored on the PC disk and are provided real-time to a web page for display. HomeSeer can also be setup to act on specific temperature settings, for example, to turn on an alarm, or send an e-mail, if the temperature in the attic exceeds a pre-defined threshold. A sample script, for logging temperatures to a file and HomeSeer devices, is included in the reference section.  You can view an example of the web page generated by TEMP05 and HomeSeer here.

TEMP05 can be used with just the DS18S20 sensors or with a mix of other 1-Wire sensors from Dallas/Maxim.  Dallas has unfortunately discontinued their Weather Station project, however, it is not required to use the other functionality of the TEMP05.  Texas Weather Instruments ships an equivalent weather station product.  Another source of a 1-Wire Weather Station is Tecnologia Aplicada (AAG).  Midon Design fully supports the Tecnologia Aplicada Version 3 weather station.

TEMP05 can be used with any combination of the following devices on the 1-Wire bus;

  • AAG 1-Wire Weather Station (one only)
  • DS18S20 temperature sensors
  • DS1820 temperature sensors
  • DS18B20 temperature sensors
  • DS1822 temperature sensors
  • DS1920 temperature sensors
  • DS2405 switch sensors
  • DS2406 switch sensors
  • DS2407 switch sensors
  • DS2401 serial ID's
  • DS2423 based Rain Gauge
  • DS2423 based Lightning detector
  • DS2423 general purpose counter
  • DS2438 based Humidity Sensors
  • DS2438 based Barometer
  • DS2438 voltage monitors
  • None of the above (why would I do that? TEMP05 can also be used to drive a companion device called RELAY05 without needing any sensors)

Figure 1 TEMP05 Usage Application

My Application

Figure 2  Sample of Output

Reading Sensors...
Humidity #01[F7000000240B7026]=55%
Barometer #01[83000000092B8E26]=29.98 inHg
Barometer #02[520000001F568E26]=29.98 inHg

Voltage #01[1299000088776626]= 02.23V 04.99V

Wind Dirn #01[D1F2000801340120]= WNW

Wind Speed[1AAB0000CDEF011D]=22 MPH, Gust =35

Lightning #01[8E0000000115111D]=00768
Temp #01[600008001E316D10]=74.62F
Temp #02[83000000092B8E26]=82.45F
Temp #03[440000001EC34228]=73.50F
Temp #04[83000000092B8E26]=82.45F
Temp #05[EA00000040543910]=69.58F
Temp #06[F7000000240B7026]=73.40F
Temp #07[9200080046A89D10]=72.95F

Missing #03[600008001E316D10]


Restore #03[600008001E316D10]


Switch #13[9F00000016A2DE05]=On


Switch #13[9F00000016A2DE05]=Off

Introduction  News Version 5 Upgrade Description  Schematic  Construction  Testing  Instructions Software Vintages References  Ordering Info Download the Instruction Manual Here HomeSeer Setup

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