1WIO a Multi-Purpose 1-Wire Sensor
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Introduction  Download the Instruction Manual Here

A Multi-Purpose 1-Wire sensor

Please note that 1WIO is now discontinued. This information is provided for reference only.

Features of the 1WIO

The 1WIO sensor is based on the Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire technology and uses the DS2408 1-Wire port expander to interface between the 1-Wire bus master and the “real world”.  Options are available for: 

  • 4 SPDT relay outputs
  • 4 Opto-Isolator inputs
  • up to 8 LED displays

When used with the Midon Design TEMP08 1-Wire Serial interface, the 1WIO sensor can be used instead of the Midon Design RELAY05 relay interface device.  Up to 20 1WIO sensors configured as relays or 10 1WIO sensors configured as LED displays can be used with the current versions of TEMP08 firmware.

A board option is available for mounting a DS18S20 temperature sensor as well. 

Connections to TEMP08 or 1WSwitch are made via a 6 wire connector J9 or J10.  When used in this manner, power and signals are all available via this connector.  When used with other 1-Wire bus masters, care should be taken to properly connect using these connectors.  Alternative connections to a bus master may be made via connector J12.


Last Updated January 1, 2020

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