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MD3003/MD3013 TO-92 Package

MD3003 DS18S20

The MD3003 is the ever-popular Dallas/Maxim DS18S20 in a TO-92 package. $6.00

MD3023 DS2406

The DS2406 is a single channel input/output sensor compatible with the 1-Wire bus.  This sensor is supplied in a TO-92 package and is RoHS compliant. $6.00

MD3011 DS2430

The DS2430 is a 1-Wire EEPROM containing 256 bits of Electrically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory.  This device is supplied in a TO-92 package.  The specification sheet is available here. $5.00

MD3030 Split-Core Current Transformer

The spec sheet is available here. $10.95

How to connect to a TEMP08:

MD3020E Humidity and Temperature Sensor

NOTE: we no longer offer this product

Schematic and Parts List Manual available here.


The MD3020E includes a HIH4021 sealed humidity sensor and is software equivalent to the Dallas/Maxim DS1910.  Also included, is an on-board voltage regulator that converts up to 30VDC to the 5VDC required for the humidity sensor and for locally powered downstream sensors.

Jumper J3 is used to select Parasitic (P) or Local (L) powering for the included DS18S20 sensor.  The DS2438 used with the Humidity Sensor requires either +5VDC or the 9 to 30 VDC input.

Important note: If you are using Parasitic powering, you must set the Sensor Option to P. 

The RJ-12 pinout is shown in the figure below.  The schematic for the PCB is shown here.

Actual size is 1.9 by 2.1 inches.

The pin-out for the RJ-12 connector is:

A MD3020E Temperature/Humidity Sensor

MD208x 1WIO Sensor - A Multi-Purpose Sensor

A MD2083 4 Relay Output Sensor

NOTE: we no longer offer this product

For details, go here.

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