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Major Changes from Previous Loads

4.06 Oct 2018
  • Added alternative port for EEPROM to enable alternate PCB layout.
4.05 Jan 2015
  • Added more efficient DS2408 reset on power-up
4.04 Nov 2014
  • Structural changes to accommodate new JB16 processor being used.  No major user interface changes made.
  • Removed SER command.
The following software applies only to units shipped prior to December 2014
2.24 Sep 2012
  • Removed the command (EAD) and associated outputs that related to the auxiliary analog input to accommodate a PCB update.
  • Added support for large EEPROM
2.22 Dec 2011
  • Fixed intermittent problem with RLY command not accepting input
  • Added more explicit error messages
  • Restricted some commands from being initiated during a poll cycle (INP, TMP, NOR, TYP, INI, RST).
2.20 Jun 2010
  • Removed remainder of DS2405/6 support

  • Added TYP capability for DS2408 devices

  • Added the ETE command (ability to enable or disable temperature readings from DS2438’s)

  • Added capability for multiple connected 1WIO Input modules

  • Renamed some option commands to better line up with usage.

  • Changed output voltage display syntax for DS2450’s

  • Change character timeout period from one minute to 20 seconds

To view the syntax changes that first appeared with V2.20, download the Syntax Manual from here.

2.19 May 2010
  • Restored the DEL command.
  • Removed the TOG command - DS2405's are no longer supported.
2.18 Apr 2009
  • Added debug voltage output for errors in humidity sensor reading
2.17 Nov 2008
  • Fixed humidity bug
2.15 Jun 2008
  • Added voltage display from current sensor of DS2438
  • Removed comma separator from DS2423 readings to avoid bug in HomeSeer com routines
  • Removed VER and DEL commands to conserve program space
2.12 Nov 2007
  • Fixed issue with DS2450 readings.  Added CRC check for more reliable operation.
2.11 May 2007
  • Added LED command
  • Added reset of both A and B counters of a DS2423 to the RST command.
2.09 Apr 2007
  • Major changes to temperature reading algorithms to fix issues with sub-zero Celsius readings and improve accuracy of Fahrenheit readings
  • Bug fix for DS2405/6 sensor status changes
  • Removed DEBug command
2.07 Feb 2007
  • Fixed bug DS2405 spurious on/off readings
  • added ability to display counter A of a DS2423 when used as a "L" counter
2.06 Dec 2006
  • Fixed bug with temperature readings at zero Celsius
2.05 Dec 2006
  • Added capability to have multiple DS2450 voltage sensors on the 1-Wire bus
  • Fixed issue - DS2405 PIO input changes were not being displayed
2.04 Jul 2006
  • Fixed intermittent problem with first sensor presence detection
2.03 Jan 2006
  • Fixed problem where a DS2405 switch would intermittently show a false "off" status.
2.02 Sep 2005
  • RLY command now handles up to 20 1WIO units
  • Real time sensor presence detection via the DIS command
  • All hidden options now provisionable via discrete commands
1.13 Nov 2004
  • Added hidden option 4 for DS2408 input polling (This is the current version that supports legacy RELAY05 products)
1.12 Sep 2004
  • Added debounce in missing sensor poll to prevent false "missing" displays.
1.11 Sep 2004
  • Added INP command for 1WIO use

  • Changed method of polling to bypass sensor types not previously detected by the DIS command

  • Changed temperature conversion algorithm to speed up display

  • Added third “hidden option” for displaying DS2450 as voltage only

  • Added default TYPe parameter for DS2423’s on power up.  Will now default to “L” if no selection made prior to 1 minute timeout of the Type error message

  • Added error check for improper use of OFB/ONB commands

1.10 Aug 2004
  • final release of new 2408 functionality
1.09 Aug 2004
  • Added ONB and OFB commands for DS2406/7 sensors

  • Added capability to use DS2408 based Relay outputs instead of, and in addition to, RELAY05.
1.08 Aug 2004
  • an interim release with a debug setting added
1.07 May 2004
  • Fixed an elusive bug - TEMP08 would stop reading sensors and continuously flash the LED red when poll time was set to zero and the TMP command was repeatedly used to obtain sensor readings.
1.06 May 2004
  • Added capability for DS2438's to be used as only a temperature sensor
  • removed verbose Enter Type... description from the TYP command and associated calls.
1.05 April 2004
  • Added more error checking for invalid readings on humidity sensors
  • Added Hidden option for not displaying the once-per minute time
  • Changed ZZZ to perform a hard reset rather than a soft reset
  • fixed a minor bug with time display
1.04 Feb 2004
  • fixed minor bug where only the results of the first sensor of a DS2423 or DS2438 type were being displayed via the polling function
1.03 Nov 2003
  • Added recognition of a DS2408 device

  • fixed CMDONA/OFA function for DS2406's

  • fixed a small bug in DS18S20 temperature display

  • added a hidden option to display (or not) the voltage from the secondary on-board ADC
1.02 Oct 2003
  • Bug fix - incorrect readings on DS18S20 sensor
  • Robustness improvements to humidity readings
  • Added support for AAG TAI8555 sensor
  • Added display for on-chip voltage sensor
1.00 Aug 2003 Initial Release

Software Upgrade Policy

Midon Design strives to continue to add value to our products and, as result, we release new features to the software from time to time.  Upgrading TEMP08 is easy.  The processor used in TEMP08 is re-programmable.  Note, however, that there there are two different processors used:

  • Units shipped prior to December 2014

    • Software upgrades are available via an RMA process, making it easy for you to get upgrades.

  • Units shipped since December 2014

    • Software upgrades can be accomplished via in-circuit programming methods.  To do this yourself, contact Midon Design Support at the email address shown below for details.  Otherwise, use the RMA process to obtain an upgrade from the factory.

If you want to program your own processor, the S19 file for the most current version is available from the version number link for the product.


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