TEMP08 vs TEMP05
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Differences Between TEMP08 and the TEMP05

Since the TEMP08 was designed by modifying the existing software of TEMP05 V5.x, the differences are intended to be minor, although new functionality has been added.  This was possible due to the extra code space and the compactness of the instructions of the new processor.

TEMP08 has the following extra capabilities

  • A real-time software clock embedded within the system.  This permits time-stamping for use with "dumb" terminals.
  • Discrete commands for all "SET" parameters
  • local (within the sensor) storage of settings, where possible
  • on-board humidity and temperature sensor options
  • on-board DS2438 analog voltage sensor (standard)
  • built-in RJ-12 connector for interfacing to the 1-Wire bus via standard telephone cables
  • recyclable processor for easier upgrades.  The processor used in TEMP08 is re-programmable, unlike the one used in TEMP05.

    - For units shipped prior to December 2014, software upgrades will be available via an RMA process, making it easier for you to get upgrades.

    - For units shipped starting in December 2014, software upgrades can be accomplished via in-circuit programming methods.  Contact Midon Design Support at the email address shown below for details.

Of course, we specifically designed the PCB for TEMP08 to be used with a standard enclosure so that you no longer need to "roll your own" enclosure.  We also have a front panel available to make the package even more attractive.

An important difference is the option to do stand-alone sensor logging.  This is referred to as the LOG08-II product.  It uses a different memory system than the standard TEMP08 and has a capability of storing up to 3 years of sensor readings.

What's missing from the TEMP05 features?  Well, nothing really!  We made the RELAY05 interface an option since a large percentage of TEMP05 users do not avail themselves of that interface.  Please note that RELAY05 is no longer supported with software versions 2.0 and higher.

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