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Table of Commands available for LOG08

Commands and parameters are not case-sensitive



DEB Enable or disable the Debug option setting. DEB<on|off>
DEL Delete a sensor that was previously installed via the INI command DEL<sensorid>


Display serial numbers of all configured 1-Wire devices

DLO Display the log file DLO


Display and change specific EEPROM memory locations

EEP <start location>


Erase the EEPROM



Display a list of available commands



Search for a list of available 1-Wire sensors.

LCT Display count of current samples taken LCT
LOG Start or stop logging LOG <on|off>


Display and change specific memory locations

MEM <start location>
NOR Set North for a 1-Wire Weather Station NOR
RST Reset any DS2423 counter RST<sensorid>
SCK Set Clock

SCK dd,hh,mm,ss

dd = 1 to 7

hh = 0 to 23

mm = 0 to 59

ss = 0 to 59


Configure all system parameters

SID Show the Serial Number ID for the 1-Wire Devices SID {on|off}
SLD Set Logging Device SLD <sensorid>
SPT Set the polling interval

SPT xx

xx can be from 00 to 99

STD Set Temperature Display STD {F|C}
TIM Display Time from Real Time Clock TIM


Display readings from all connected 1-Wire devices in either verbose (includes serial numbers) or non-verbose manner

TYP Select the type of DS2438 or DS2423 device TYP<sensorid>


Displays the current version of the software loaded

WDR Wind Direction Reverse (in case your Wind Direction PCB is installed upside down, or in case you want to show the FROM direction instead of the TO direction) WDR {on|off}
ZZZ Performs a hard reset of LOG08 ZZZ

Using the SET Command

The SET command has multiple parameters.

Update Interval determines the time between sensor readings.  Set to 0 to stop polling.  Enter the time in decimal minutes.

F or C Display determines how temperature readings are displayed.  Enter F for Fahrenheit or C for Celsius.

Serial # Display - set to Yes if you want LOG08 to display the 1-wire ID of all sensors.

Wind Dirn Reverse - set normally to N.  Set this to Y if you accidentally installed the wind direction PCB upside down in your weather station OR if you want to display wind direction as the FROM direction instead of the TO direction.

Set Clock - input the current day (Sunday = 01, Saturday = 07), hour, minute and second.  Hours are expressed in 24 hour (military) format only.

The DIS Display Output

Sample DIS Output

01 6412340000567810 DS1820 OK

02 5587650000432122 DS1822 OK

03 3355540000447728 DS18B2 OK

04 8811220000334410 DS1820 OK

05 1288770000665526 DS2438 OK H

06 2133440000556626 DS2438 OK B

07 1299880000776626 DS2438 OK V

08 AAFEDC0000BA1226 DS2438 OK H

09 1AABCD0000EF011D DS2423 OK W

10 016543000021AB1D DS2423 OK R

11 541A2B00003C4D1D DS2423 OK L


13 9F00000016A2DE05 DS2405 OK


Update interval = 02 minutes

Temp display = F

Serial # display = On

Wind dirn reverse = Off

Logging Sensor = 09

Debug = Off

Some temp sensors Parasitic powered

Qty of DS1820 = 2

Qty of DS1822 = 1

Qty of DS18B2 = 1

Qty of DS2438 = 4

DIS output explanations

Sensor numbers do not necessarily match up with the output from the regular sensor output readings.  This is intentional.  The sensor numbers in the DIS output are the memory locator and are used by numerous commands (the <sensorid> parameter shown in the instruction set).  The sensor numbers in the scan output are sequential numbers for each type of sensor.

An OK will be displayed following the sensor type to indicate that the Cyclic Redundancy Counter (CRC) checksum of the sensor's serial number is good.  If the serial number has a bad CRC, an NG will be displayed.  The checksum is validated during the output of the sensor display.

Letters following the DS2423 and DS2438 indicate the TYPe of sensor equipped.  This is a manual input and will be set following first discovery of the sensor via the INI command, and also following a power-up of the LOG08 for the DS2423 sensors that do not have built-in battery backup.  The letters designate the sensor type per the following table.

Sensor Types



OW Device


Barometric Sensor   



Humidity Sensor   



Lightning Sensor   



Rain Sensor   


T Temperature only from DS2438 DS2438


Wind Speed Sensor   



Voltage Sensor   


Following a display of the sensors installed, the output of the DIS display then shows the LOG08 settings that you entered via the SET command then the logging device ID.  The DEBug mode is then shown.  To turn on or off the DEBug mode, use the DEB command.

Following that, the DIS display then checks to see if all temperature sensors are parasitically or locally powered.  If ANY temperature sensor connected to the 1-Wire bus is set to parasitic mode, then the display will show "some sensors parasitic powered".  The same display will result of ANY DS2438 devices are present on the 1-Wire bus.

Following that display the DIS output proceeds to show how many temperature sensors are installed, by type.  The DS18B2 type indicates a DS18B20 sensor.  The DS1820 type is valid for DS1820, DS18S20 and DS1920 sensors.

The TMP Output Display

SUN 16:52:46
Reading Sensors...
Humidity #01[DC0000002B274726]=58%
Voltage #01[520000002B25A826]=00.12V 05.05V
Voltage #02[020000002B2CB326]=03.98V 05.03V
Lightning #01[D4000000045C621D]=00020
Temp #01[4C00080031220C10]=70.80F
Temp #02[10000800312D2B10]=79.80F
Temp #03[520000002B25A826]=76.21F
Temp #04[020000002B2CB326]=72.77F
Temp #05[DC0000002B274726]=76.21F

The example above shows a typical output from the poll cycle.  The day and time are displayed followed by the results of the output from each sensor.

Please see the User Manual for more information about LOG08 commands and options.

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