LOG08 Description
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Note: 1-Wire is a registered Trademark of Dallas Semiconductor

The LOG08 is based on the TEMP05 (and it's cousin TEMP08), which was originally developed by Midon Design to be a serial interface between the Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim 1-Wire bus and a host PC.  The TEMP05 was originally set up to log temperatures from the Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Weather Station and up to 20 additional DS18S20 1-Wire Thermometers. It has since evolved to also read multiple Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire Rain Gauges, 1-Wire Barometers, 1-Wire Humidity Sensors, and other 1-Wire devices, up to 60 in total.  The LOG08 can be configured to send records of sensor readings  through the serial port every 1 to 99 minutes, or on demand if required. The poll setting is adjustable in 1 minute increments. The temperatures can be sent in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, however all other sensor outputs (wind speed, rain count, barometric pressure, etc.) are in Imperial units, in other words, not SI (metric).  A sample output string is shown in Figure 1.

In a typical application, LOG08 is configured to record samples of any ONE of the supported 1-wire sensors connected to it.  When the results are required, LOG08 is connected to a spare serial port on a PC.  Serial interface software is then used to gather the data received from LOG08 and process it.

LOG08 can be used with just the DS18S20 sensors or with a mix of the many other 1-Wire sensors available today such as the following:

  • AAG 1-Wire Weather Station (one only)
  • DS18S20 temperature sensors
  • DS1820 temperature sensors
  • DS18B20 temperature sensors
  • DS1822 temperature sensors
  • DS1920 temperature sensors
  • DS2423 based Rain Gauge
  • DS2423 based Lightning detector
  • DS2423 general purpose counter
  • DS2438 based Humidity Sensors
  • DS2438 based Barometer
  • DS2438 voltage monitors

Except as noted for the Weather Station, LOG08 can interface to any multiple combinations of sensors, up to a total of 60 in all.

Figure 1  Sample of Output

SUN 16:52:46
Reading Sensors...
Humidity #01[DC0000002B274726]=58%
Voltage #01[520000002B25A826]=00.12V 05.05V
Voltage #02[020000002B2CB326]=03.98V 05.03V
Lightning #01[D4000000045C621D]=00020
Temp #01[4C00080031220C10]=70.80F
Temp #02[10000800312D2B10]=79.80F
Temp #03[520000002B25A826]=76.21F
Temp #04[020000002B2CB326]=72.77F
Temp #05[DC0000002B274726]=76.21F

Log for sensor #04[D4000000045C621D] DS2423

SUN 16:50:00,00018

SUN 16:51:00,00019

SUN 16:52:00,00020

End of Log




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