LOG08-II Ordering information
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Ordering Information

The LOG08-II is orderable with several options.  The part numbers are shown below.  Orders can be placed here.

Order Code   

Product Description   

Price (USD)

Order Now
MD2132  LOG08-II Blank PCB 20.00 Acceptance Mark


LOG08-II Programmed Controller with the latest software installed for LOG08-II - no PCB or other parts 25.00 Acceptance Mark


LOG08-II assembled and tested unit equipped with the basic functionality. (NOTE: order the case and panel separately - see MD2112 or order together as MD2136) 125.00 Acceptance Mark


LOG08-II assembled and tested unit equipped with the basic functionality AND extra EEPROM storage (256K). (NOTE: order the case and panel separately - see MD2112) 135.00 Acceptance Mark
MD2135 LOG08-II: same as MD2134 but with the addition of an on-board humidity sensor. (NOTE: order the case and panel separately - see MD2112) 150.00 Acceptance Mark
MD2112 Case plus front panel for LOG08 20.00 Acceptance Mark


LOG08-II basic mounted in a case 145.00 Acceptance Mark
MD3004 12VAC Adapter for LOG08-II 7.50 Acceptance Mark

A power supply is required for use of these products.  Use a Midon MD3004 power supply for all versions.

NOTE: LOG08-II ships without a case.  Order that separately please.

Hardware Upgrade Options

Upgrading from Upgrading to Adding functionality Order Kit # Order Now



Humidity Sensor


Acceptance Mark



On-board temperature Sensor


Acceptance Mark
any any Return to Factory upgrade MD2210 Acceptance Mark

Midon Design would be pleased to upgrade your unit for you.  Order the Return to Factory upgrade option and let us do the soldering and testing.

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