LOG08-II Software Vintages
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Major Changes from Previous Loads

2.00 July 10, 2005 Initial Release
2.02 August 14, 2005 Added ERF command
2.03 September 19, 2005 Added DUN option
2.04 January 10, 2006 Added capability to poll and log DS2450 voltage sensors
2.05 April 27, 2006 Added logging capability for VDD from DS2438. Fixed issues with log file and missing sensors.
2.06 August 4, 2007 Added logging and display of VSense for DS2438 sensors.  Added Repetitive poll (continuous).  Added logging of seconds to the timestamp in the log.  Removed sensor count display in DIS.
2.07 May 2008 Restored ability to display Humidity from DS2438 sensor in Poll mode only.  Logging mode will continue to read DS2438's as a voltage sensor only.
3.02 August 2011 Added extended EEPROM capability.  Will now handle up to 256K storage.  Added option for 180 minutes poll time.  Minor syntax changes in SET and related commands.  Added Unit Display option status to DIS display.

Ordering Software Upgrades

Midon Design strives to continue to add value to the LOG08-II product and, as result, we release new features to the LOG08-II software from time to time.  Upgrading LOG08-II is easy.  Software updates can be ordered from our web pages.  Upon receipt of your new chip containing the upgraded software, return the original chip to Midon Design and cite the order  #.  When we receive the device, we will credit your account with 50% of the price of the upgrade, less the shipping charge..  Alternatively, we would be pleased to offer you a credit of the same amount towards a future purchase.

If you want to program your own processor, the S19 file will be available from the version number link above.

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